About Cast Me App

CastMeApp is a free casting platform designed for TV networks, ad agencies, filming companies, directors or film students to find the talents they’re looking for.

Professional and amateur Talents from around the world Get discovered and work on video and/or audio content, without casting agencies interfering; post your description and look your best. You might be the next pick for a pop music video, a TV commercial or a movie!

Promoting talents directly, transparently, and for Free

How Cast Me App Works

CastMeApp provides a safe and trackable environment for professional casting and talent-finding. The employer is the Business and the service provider is the Talent

Using the detailed talent checkbox forms, an agency can pinpoint the exact casting talent(s) needed for its content, be it a figurant for an ad, a lookalike, or a celebrity impersonator; the business sends a notification to the potential cast, via the site’s mailing system, the app -or both- and the notified talent is then free to respond.
Once a successful response is made and the notification is accepted, both parties can freely discuss the terms of their business, and benefit from CastMeApp’s rating system by grading the business they conducted, once it’s concluded.

No more casting agency hurdles and fees

As a Talent

Simply add your description by checking your related search words in the description form. The more accurate -and honest!- you are, the more chances you have, to be quickly pinpointed by an business, and contacted for a project.

you can link your facebook, insta, twitter account or youtube channel as well. Although you need to add your personal phone number, CastMeApp will keep it private. It is up to you to give your phone number to the client whose notification you accept. Client-talent communication can be then conducted directly via social media, email or phonecall.

In your personal profile options, you can link a youtube video showcasing your talent, as well as your other social media addresses.

As a business

Businesses (agencies, TV networks, directors, etc) are required to post a valid telephone number and a verifiable street address. Once verified, they can freely conduct a search of the available talents. As an business, once you find your talent, you can send them a notification,with a description of your project. The talent has to accept your notification for the communication to resume, and you can subsequently negotiate an offer with your potential talent, using either the site’s chat forum or opting for phone call and private e-mail communication.

As an business, you can also post want-ads with a description of your project, and get notifications from talents responding to your ad.

Casting Age

You must be of minimum legal age to open your personal CastMeApp account. Users below the minimum legal age are required to have their accounts opened and operated by their parents or legal tutors, who need to supply a clear photo of them and their child/relative, phone number and home address. Once the submitted credentials are verified, you will receive a validation e-mail confirming your account.

Animals & Pets

Cast your pets and animals! CastMeApp gives you the option to make stars out of your 4-legged, 8-legged, aquatic or winged darlings. Register your animal and detail its talent or special features. Please refrain from putting your animals up for adoption via CastMeApp, as this would result in a permanent ban.

Rating a Third Party

CastMeApp aims to create a professional environment for casting talents worldwide, based on mutual respect and appreciation of one’s time, talent and work ethic.
Rating a third party is an essential part of keeping CastMeApp a free, professional casting and talent-finding platform with the widest array of talents available for audio/visual content: Directors and talents work directly without the hassle of middleman agencies bringing them together. The more a party (business or talent) is favorably rated, the better are their chances to attract business and build a good online reputation.

Consequently the more a user accumulates bad ratings the more they hurt their chances of remaining a user or having any additional business via CastMeApp. Ratings are public and are a guarantee for CastMeApp’s users to enjoy a frustration-free and
professional business/work environment.

Inappropriate Rating

submitted content is screened for excessive nudity, pornographic nature or graphic violence. a user can receive an inappropriate content notice and be asked to resubmit new profile pics or want-ad visual aid/videos.

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